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Branch Cutters

Light and robust, branch cutters make large diameter cuts easy to perform and clean.
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Professional curved striking branch cutters, ideal for gardening.
Professional straight striking branch cutters, suitable for pruning all plants.
Professional straight striking branch cutters with and "S" tie-rod.
Professional straight striking branch cutters with and "S" tie-rod.
Professional curved striking branch cutters used for fast and easy pruning.
Two blade hook head branch cutter, available in 3 sizes.
Professional straight striking branch cutters that are completely interchangeable.

Castellari Srl manufactures pruning, gardening and olive harvesting equipment. Our shears and interchangeable blade branch pruning cutters are synonymous of quality since more than 30 years. Castellari sells also exclusive brands, such as: Infaco electronic shears and Silky professional bow saws.

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