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Olives groves
Olives groves
Professional electric olive harvester with carbon reeds.
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PATENTED Castellari model

The professional electric olive harvester includes elliptical counter-rotating double movement reeds.

Excellent for all types of harvesting:

  • any size,
  • any type of plant or pruning
  • all levels of fruit ripening.


The flexibility of the prongs, made of pultruded carbon with lengths up to 35 cm, reduces stress on the olives and plants to a minimum. The elliptical movement frequency of 1150 revs per minute puts the TORNADO CARBON V3 harvester at the top of its class. The special form of the harvesting head and the length of the prongs allow the innermost olives of the plant to be harvested.

The motor at the bottom of the pole is designed for balancing the tool. This results in exceptional maneuverability and minimum effort required by the operator.

The telescopic pole that supports the TORNADO CARBON V3 harvester is made of pultruded carbon. It is available in two lengths: 1.8-2.4 m and 2.3-3.3 m.

The use of carbon as an alternative to aluminum reduces vibrations and saves 300 gr of weight, increasing the general robustness.

The TORNADO CARBON V3 is supplied with a 15 m power cable and two safety fuses.

The cable connectors are watertight and round to prevent them from hooking up to the mains.

Current absorption is approximately 6 to 8 Amperes/hour when reduced to minimum. A 60 ampere battery is recommended for an average work day.

  • Elliptical counter-rotating double movement reeds.
  • Pultruded carbon reeds up to 35 cm
  • Consumption: 6 to 8 A/h
  • Length: 1.8 - 2.3 m. / 2.3 - 3.15 m
  • Weight: 2.7 – 3.0 kg
  • Completely interchangeable

Tecnical information

ModelLenghtWeight RpmVoltAmp.WattAliment.
TORNADO CARBON C V3 1,80 - 2,30 m 2700 gr 1150 12 60 80 Electric
TORNADO CARBON L V3 2,30 -3,15 m 3000 gr 1150 12 60 80 Electric
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Guard checking and comparison
Bayonet connector replacement
Fuse replacement
Switch damaged
Fuse disconnector damaged
Machine exit cable damaged
Machine exit cable damaged
15 m cable check
Motor replacement
Gear unit end of season checking and cleaning
Harvester head end of season checking and cleaning
Plate and rotor pin check for wear
Gripping unit replacement
Complete harvester head installation
Comb installation/replacement
Carbon teeth replacement
Screw connector replacement
Carbon pole / aluminum transmission replacement
Battery check OK

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