ACCIAINO: Shears sharpener in chromized steel ideal for precise sharpening. Specially designed for curved blade shears. LI 5: Corrundum stone. Ideal for sharpening with high material removal. Specially designed for double blade shears or branch cutters.

FS: Cone shaped pouch in “cowhide” leather. Suitable for all shears. Stainless steel spring.

FS C: Pocket pouch in “cowhide” leather.Suitable for all shears. Stainless steel spring.

AU-26: adapter for poles with 1,02” external bush.

AU-C: conical adapter for poles with external bush.

AU-28: adapter for poles with 1,1” external bush.

AU-F: adapter for poles with thread part.

AURA OIL: Low viscosity lubricating oil. 5 l tank and 1 l bottle.

APM: Handle for the pneumatic pole supply, equipped with a safety device.

AP08: 328 ft coil for 0,31” mm polyurethane hose.

AP10: 328 ft coil for 0,39”  polyurethane hose.

AP09: 65,62 ft coil for 0,39” polyurethane hose, complete with fittings.

KIT ACC: The accelerator kit is used to slow down the motor until it reachesi the set pressure.

AP 04: ¼ MF rotary fitting.

AP 05: 1/4 MF cock with 1/4 IT coupling .

AVVOLGITUBO 100: The hose reel can support up to 328 ft of hose. Adaptable to our entire range of motor compressors, it comes complete with fittings.