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We guarantee quality through our commitment, continuous search for innovative solutions and use of precious materials.
Castellari designs, operates and produces all its products internally with a highly qualified and knowledgeable staff.
We are present in over 35 countries all over the world and our network of resellers and distributors is in constant expansion.

Zubat 330
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Pruning shears
tying device
Highlights products
Pruning shears
On evidence
Professional curved striking shears, the lightest in their category.
Pneumatic olive harvest tools
On evidence
Professional pneumatic olive harvester with 1900 strokes per minute.
Electrical olive harvest tools
On evidence
Professional electric olive harvester with elliptical counter-rotating single movement reeds.
Branch Cutters
On evidence
Professional curved striking branch cutters used for fast and easy pruning.
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03 August 2016
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25 February 2015
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Castellari Srl manufactures pruning, gardening and olive harvesting equipment. Our shears and interchangeable blade branch pruning cutters are synonymous of quality since more than 30 years. Castellari sells also exclusive brands, such as: Infaco electronic shears and Silky professional bow saws.

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